My experiences, the character that was built, but most of all — the taste of that banana

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If you have never lived in sub-par conditions, around poor or underprivileged people, you may imagine what those people are like. You might think that only bad people live in bad places. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Wonderful people live in bad places, all around the world.

Yes, sometimes my heart aches for that little girl inside of me, the one who felt all that pain. But the truth is, I wouldn’t take it all back, even if I could.

I wouldn’t take it back because I wouldn’t be who I am without it, nor would my…

The Typewriter Habit of straight quotes and why curly quotes are important — Typography 101

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Most readers never notice, at least not consciously. The subconscious mind, however, is a powerful thing.

Pull up any article from the Washington Post or the New York Times. Grab any book from your bookshelf.

You will never find a straight quote:

' or "

You will always find curly quotes.

‘ or “


The vertical quotes that you find on your keyboard were never created for publishing. They were created as a shortcut for typewriters and are also referred to as ‘primes’. They are used in numerical measurements to indicate inches and feet.

5'7 or 4" would be…

America’s diverse multicultural society

Segregation in a modern society fueled by anti-racism — I will not silence myself because of my skin color

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Writing this title, ‘A Colorless White World’, I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. With a title like this, I may generate immediate disgust by some readers. A colorless world doesn’t sound good. And as a white person, I cannot talk about anything societal in my world that is ‘not good’ because of my ‘white privilege’.

Implying that I suffer from anything — especially related to race — or that anything is being forced upon me will surely be followed up by accusations of my white privilege, entitlement and ingratitude.

Who am I, a white woman…

Construction and destruction — constructively dealing with people bent on destruction

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Have you ever met that person who seems to swing around like a wrecking ball?

The ones going around laying their claws into anything and everything in hopes of mass destruction?

I know you have met that person. You may even be them.

Regardless of whether you are a constructive or destructive person — because the choice is yours — it is valuable to be aware that we are all constructing and destructing all the time.

No-one creates one hundred percent of the time, and there is always a time and place for destruction.

Everything built must, someday, be torn…

Uncertain Death and Impending Doom

A glance into a day in the life of those who have survived

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Have you ever thought you were going to die?

And I don’t mean the everyday fear of death that all humans experience.

I mean, have you ever faced sudden possible death? Have you ever thought, at any moment, that you may die before the next? Has dying ever been that close to you? Has it ever been that real?

Maybe there was a fire and you barely got out in time. Or maybe, you got T-boned at an intersection and as that car slammed into you in slow motion, your life flashed before your eyes. Some people have drowned and…

Don’t let others hold you hostage in their never-ending drama cycle

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Setting boundaries with a loved one who is addicted to chaos can be painful and feel impossible. But it is absolutely necessary. This is where the balance of compassion and decisiveness becomes delicate and fragile.

You must set your boundaries and keep them, but you must do so with a level of empathy and without condemnation.

Here are a couple tips to ensure your side of the street is clean and you are doing your best by your loved one:

Be clear in your intentions

When you are setting a boundary, especially with one who may push it, you want to be as clear as…

There are no absolute answers and nothing is true under all conditions — meet people where they are

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We are full-spectrum human beings, all at different places on our path. Every place that every person stands is absolutely unique. Yet, we have an insatiable hunger for absolutes.

There is never one all-powerful truth, for all of us. There are trillions upon trillions of powerful truths, floating around. They are changing all the time. And they don’t always match the other truths. There is nothing wrong with any of them. They are not good or bad. They are all just doing their part to serve the highest good of whoever they are inspiring, at this moment.

We demand that…

Drama addiction — we all want to feel alive, but some people are addicted to drama because of it

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Have you ever had that friend who always has some sort of drama going on? There’s always some life or death problem to be solved and you cannot spend any time with them without it being hijacked by a perceived emergency?

You may have the friend who is always getting out of the same relationship or going through some new form of drama every other week —drama that they expect you to suffer through with them.

Or maybe you feel like the drama in your own life is never-ending.

People are addicted to drama. A great many. And it is…

American Mental Health

What Britney has to teach us about the mental health crisis in America

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I was 13 years old when Britney hit the charts with Hit Me Baby One More Time. Back then, in 1998, young girls presenting themselves publicly as a perceived sex symbol was out of alignment with the status quo.

Today, dads post pictures of their 13-year-olds in crop tops and sexy skirts regularly, and no one bats an eye. But in the ’90s, Britney was perceived as a too young sex symbol. That is, as soon as she released her infamous sexy schoolgirl performance.

Britney was 16-years-old. Sixteen. One six. Like, sweet sixteen type of sixteen. Are you hearing…

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