Stories About Addiction and Recovery

A table of contents for addiction and recovery stories written by Holly Kellums

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This will serve as a table of contents for all my writings on recovery, addiction and principles of recovery.

Most of my stories on addiction and recovery are written in a way that anyone could understand and find value, whether they are in recovery or not.

I do not write exclusively for the recovering addict and alcoholic, but any human who is recovering from anything. That could be substance abuse, domestic abuse, grief, or any other trying symptom of the human condition.

The Opiate Crisis Series — Death and Deregulation

Short Stories Based on True Events

These are short stories and poems that are written about true events. Some names and details have been altered to protect the privacy of those discussed and their family.

Some stories contain traumatic details and truths, so be advised.

Jillians Story parts 1–3:

Practicing the Principles of Recovery

These are stories about the principles that make recovery based on the 12 steps possible and how these principles can be applied to our daily lives. Here, you will find explanation, inspiration and motivation regarding the principles of recovery.

Author * Social Media Influencer * Recovery Coach * Human Potential Activist

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